Super Heroes Hinx and Binx Tale

Hinx and Binx with Linx disease

Hinx was walking downtown in Dinx way. Say! Said Hinx... Who is that man over yonder?! It was a Binx with Linx!

Linx is a disease!

Hinx had Binxphobia and Linxphobia. Binx touched Hinx :(

Hinx started to hop and yop and pop to Winx Dinx hospital.  In the hospital was Dr. Gox with Dr. Hox.

Dr. Gox had a nook cook with a hook with a book!

Dr. Gox led Hinx to a bed with Dr. Ned.  Hinx got on the bed.  Ish came.  Ish had a dish with a fish.

The fish was a hump wump fish.  The hump wump's hump was pink with ink.

The hump wump had a tanning machine to burn Hinx's linx.  Hinx got in.

After the time finished, Hinx looked gold, Hinx looked old.  And then Hinx hopped and popped away happily :)


Hinx and Binx